Privacy Policy

The protection of the personal information and data of the visitors to our website and e-shop is our priority.  If you wish to continue using our services, you should agree with our privacy policy and give us your consent in order to collect and process your personal data. The personal data is any information that refers to you when you visit our website that can help us identify you. Such information is your name, address, email address, phone number, etc…

We comply with the articles of the European and Greek laws regarding the protection of your personal data and we guarantee that we handle them with the most secure and reliable way in order to minimize any danger of data leakage or elimination.

Beside the personal data we mention above, during your visit to our website we also collect, for technical reasons, other data such as your IP address which is given to us by your internet provide and the website through which you visited our site or your browser. This technical information may also contain personal data. As a general practice we use this data for technical reasons such as the operation and protection of our website against cyber-attacks and misuse and for statistical purposes in a pseudonymous or anonymous form.

This process of your personal data is performed only for the purpose to provide you with our services and only after you have given us your explicit consent. We guarantee that we process your personal data with the maximum security in order to minimize the danger of leakage. The data will be stored as a technical precaution to protect the data protection systems against unauthorized access.

We use cookies in our website. The cookies are text archives that help us make your visit to our website more efficient. This includes for example the predefined settings for the presentation of our website or the e-shop. These cookies are only temporarily stored in our server and they are transmitted to our server when you visit our website. We mostly use cookies with expiration dates that are not stored in your hard drive and get deleted after a long period of inactivity.

When you visit our website, we collect, process and use your personal data in compliance with data protection laws.

When you order something from our e-shop, you are asked to fill in a form that contains several information. We collect data from these fields which is necessary for the completion of the order, that refer to your name, address and payment method that you have chosen.


We collect, process and store personal data and technical information that we get from your visit to our website or from any other contact we have either by phone call, email or other communication form. We use this data; a) only within the limits and purposes of our contractual agreement, b) to prevent or prosecute any misuse or unlawful behavior in/on our website, c) as required by a valid governmental authority or directive, for example by a court order, and d) to secure our rights and demands and potentially for litigation purposes.

Transfer of Personal Data

During the transfer of personal data, we always try to ensure maximum security. Your data is transferred only to companies that have been carefully chosen and are GDPR compliant due to written agreements. In addition, your personal data are transferred only to companies that are in the EΕΑ territory where the strict laws for data protection apply or to companies outside the EΕΑ which have all the necessary certifications and commitments that are compliant with the European Data Protection standards.

Transfer to service providers

For the purpose of keeping our site functional and executing your orders, we cooperate with various companies such as central IT services, website hosting companies, banks and logistics companies. We transfer the necessary data in order to execute our contracts.

Some of these companies are our external personal data processors and they use the personal data of our clients under our directions. We have agreed with these companies as to the security measures they take and we monitor these measures on a regular basis.

Data Security

The security of your personal data is a high priority for us. We protect the data that we store with technical and organizational measures to prevent effectively their loss or misuse by third parties. All our employees are bound by privacy policy agreements. For your protection, the personal data is transmitted in an encrypted form. For example, we use TLS (Transport Layer Security) to protect your communication through your browser on the internet. You can recognize this by a padlock that appears by your browser at a TLS connection. To secure a long-term protection of your data, the security measures are regularly monitored and if necessary, are adapted to the most updated technology.

Duration of Data Storage

Your personal data is stored for the necessary time. If you choose to close your account on our website, you can ask us to erase your personal data and this will happen in a reasonable period of time and will not exceed three months. Bank records are processed by your bank service provider and we keep them for the time needed for the completion of the transaction. Data that has been collected with the use of cookies are stored for 12 months from the moment you consent to the use of cookies in our website.

Your rights

The safety of your personal data is a priority for us and for this purpose we use the most advanced technological security measures and procedures so that you can fully exercise your legal rights. We ensure that you are informed about your personal data that we store and ask for their deletion or correction. The fastest and simplest way to do this is to log in your client’s account and immediately process the stored data or erase your account. In this case, the data is not destroyed but they stay locked for the necessary time due to legal obligations.

If this happens, you can ask for the erasure of your personal data.

In any case, you can request your personal data in a constructed Open Document Format as long as this request does not affect the rights of other individuals. We are committed that you get your data as soon as possible and we apologize if there is a small delay for its collection.

Consent the right to object

Summarizing the above in order to visit or site and e-shop, you must consent to the following either every time you enter or once with your ra) to the collection, process, storage and transfer of your personal data to execute the service you wish b) to the process of your preferences and orders so that a consumer’s profile is made c) to receive informative or advertising newsletters via e mail or post d) to the use of cookies as we explained above e) to the transfer of personal data to third parties as explained above.

Your explicit consent can be revoked at any time. We ask for your understanding if the application for the revocation of your consent may take some time for technical reasons and in the meantime you still receive notifications from us.

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